My Reaction to OPI Nail Lacquer :)

I could still remember how my nails looked like when I was young and the closest word I could use to describe it is “GROSS”. Nope, it’s not a “my nails are history” or “too fat to be fab” but it’s just literally “too short, too dirty to notice” kind of nails. HAHA I hope you get my point..

Moving on to the childhood history of thy gorgeous nails (saying it in a sarcastic way though), I have discovered the love of Nail polishes when I was in college.. Yep Yep Yep! Too late isn’t it? But you gotta understand the fact that my nails went gorgeous that late..

So, my sister introduced me to OPI Nail Lacquer. I was amazed as to how QUICK DRY it was. Not that I don’t love what we used to have here in the Philippines but then it would usually take time for you to dry up the polish once you applied it.. I was too ignorant back then.. I thought, polishes are really made to be blown to dry up or chill under a fan to dry it up or just wait for it to dry up after 15 minutes..

I know that OPI isn’t the only nail polish brand that would give you an awe but it was the first foreign nail polish brand I’ve ever tried and up until now I am still amazed with its quality. Other nail lacquer has this chemical smell that would spread all over the room. With OPI, there’s no need for you to worry about the smell because it’s absolutely invisible. It’s as if you didn’t applied any nail polish AT ALL..

If only OPI is available here in our country, i would definitely recommend it to everyone.. I am looking forward for a nail salon with OPI products here in the Philippines (lord god please make it happen)..

(I am also looking forward for more OPI Nail Lacquer sent by my lovely sister.. HAHAHA)

For those of you who are lucky to have OPI Nail products in their place, you gotta love the magic they bring. For those who are into travelling, OPI has this travel size polishes too, where you could do a little retouch on your nails on-the-go (see photo below)..




RIMMEL’s Magic!


I wasn’t really a fan of putting on make up. All I know was the basics. Just simply baby powder and lipgloss. Until my sister taught me how to be a lady or shall I say, a Woman.

I am one of those little sister who doesn’t need to spend too much on beauty products and other fancy things for thee big sister gave me almost everything.

She sent me a whole year supply of beauty products and one of them was this lovely translucent powder. She introduced me to one of her favorite beauty brands namely “RIMMEL”. I couldn’t be more amazed to its magic.

No 3x a day retouch needed nor to worry whether you get all sweaty and might ruin the entire beauty routine. It was perfectly made to bring out the beauty without too much effort..

Thank you Sister! 😄😄😄

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Hey there! This is basically my first time to express some random thoughts, which I think might interest some of the writers and viewers soon..
I don’t think I’m too late to involve myself in the blog world for I believe that “thoughts worthy to be shared is worthy to be heard” (well, I was convinced by a favorite english teacher though) 😉😉..

One of the main reason why I decided to involve myself in such fun and tedious job is my interest to share what blessings i have in my life and just mainly random thoughts and opinions kept for a very long time..

I am a young mom and a spoiled little sister 😄 I used to be an aspiring mediator but now working as a Recruiter in one of the biggest BPO Company in our city and YES! I am indeed a filipina and I’m proud to be one..

Looking forward to an interactive and eye opening thoughts starting today.. 😆

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